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The original television show, The Lone Ranger was one of the biggest shows of its time spanning from 1949 to 1957 with its thrilling adventure of humor and action. The masked man (an ex-Texas Ranger played by actor Clayton Moore) and his Native American sidekick (English actor John Todd) served the people bringing justice, truth and honor to the world. The show was an instant success and promoted new products to the market such as The Lone Ranger costumes, Tonto costumes, lunchboxes, thermos, comic strips and so many others.

The Lone Ranger was never truly alone. By his side was Tonto, his loyal and faithful Native American companion and his white horse Silver. The justice seeking crusaders span the country to right any wrong injustices helping mankind who could not always help themselves. When The Lone Ranger needed his horse to run fast to catch the bad doers, the immortal words “Hi Ho Silver Away!” would be spoken by The Lone Ranger. Tonto always referred to his friend as “Kemosabe” which meant trusted scout. Children were saying these phrases for decades even after the show ended.

Due to hit the big screen next year is a new adaptation of the old western adventure with Johnny Depp portraying Tonto and Armie Hammer as The Lone Ranger. Depp’s costume designer from The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Penny Rose worked on his new costume for Tonto.

Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted and recently and leaked a photo of Depp and Hammer in their new outfits to start a buzz. In the photo Depp is wearing white and black war paint, long black hair with feathers draping down, a bandana type scarf around his head with a black crow or raven on top much like a Dakotan American Indian in traditional attire.

Depp known for his outrageous interpretation of Jack Sparrow chose the pirate hat he wore after trying on many hats that were given to him for The Pirates of the Caribbean. His delightful drunken swagger became an instant sensation even though Disney debated about his portrayal. Depp has a keen understanding about the part he will develop and display on screen. Even though he appears somewhat “out there” at times, his adaptation of the character he portrays embraces the publics’ eye. His new attire for The Lone Ranger is exactly that with the black bird on top of his head with the zebra painted face. This new Lone Ranger costume will be a definite hit during Halloween parties or trick-or-treaters next year that only Johnny Depp could bring to life a new sensational outfit.

Hammers outfit is a dress suit with button down vest, white shirt, traditional white hat and a black mask that was especially molded for his face. Of course, the ranger star is on his jacket as in the old western. He also wears a rolled type of scarf around his neck to complete the ensemble.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto served as role models for children and stood for ethics, justice and at all time conducts himself by a strict moral code he lived by. The Lone Ranger never speaks with slang, is never captures for a long time and he never kills anyone and merely disarms them to do no further harm. He never smokes or drinks and his gun only bears silver bullets to remind himself of how precious life is and that life is not to be wasted. Tonto means “wild one” in upstate Michigan by the local Native Americans and helps The Lone Ranger in his escapes to right a wrong injustice.

The new Disney version of The Lone Ranger is expected to be released on May 31, 2013. Gore Verbinski revised the new Tonto making him smarter, a sly friend and more the silent type than the Tonto we used to know and the perfect actor to pull off this character is the one and only Johnny Depp. The Lone Ranger and Tonto costumes are unique unlike any others ever seen on the big screen and sure to be a sensation once the movie hits the cinemas.

Other cast member stars in the film are Ruth Wilson who is best known for her portrayal as Jane Eyre. Tom Wilkinson, a British actor who has won numerous awards and best known for portraying General Cornwallis in The Patriot. William Fichtner, an American actor is also in the new Lone Ranger and is best know for his role as William Sharp in Armageddon. Barry Pepper, a Canadian actor will be in the new film and is best known for his role as Robert F. Kennedy in the miniseries The Kennedys. James Badge Dale, an American actor is best known for portraying Chase Edmunds in the third season of 24 on television. Helena Bonham Carter, an English actress is best known for role as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter series and played along side Depp in the film Alice in Wonderland as The Red Queen.

This star studded cast in The Lone Ranger will debut next year on Memorial weekend and sure to be the hit of the year. Depp’s character of Tonto is sure to bring a new spark to the old western version creating a new portrayal of The Lone Rangers smarter and faithful friend and companion. The outfits are imaginative and the characters will display truth and justice for all. Hi Ho Silver Away!

Guys can enforce the law – Gals can look sexy in an equally intimidating attire.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorize your child’s Lone Ranger Costume with western themed accessories for the best look possible. You may choose a gun belt displaying his or hers favorite toy pistols and ammo. A cowboy hat would top off the look and ready them for a night of trick or treating. The Lone Ranger was never far from his faithful companion, Trigger and often used a lasso to hop on or even catch a crook. If your costume includes a pair of boots, you might want to add a pair of spurs to give an authentic western look. Chaps are often a great accessory to turn your little one into a realistic Lone Ranger.

Measuring for Your Costume

Riding the range, keeping order and enforcing the law is a hard enough task as it is, even in proper-fitting attire. That’s why it is so important that you get the right measurements for your Lone Ranger costume before ordering. Mosey on over to your tape measure, and measure your chest, waist and hips, and take a careful measure of your inseam. Compare your  measurements to the measurements found in the product information for the Lone Ranger get-up that you want to buy. It is important to order a size up if you have any doubts about which size will fit you best.

The Lone Ranger and his sidekick Tonto are two of America’s favorite television characters. Their fight for justice and ethics make them some of the oldest role models for children as well as adults. The Lone Ranger costumes and Tonto costumes have been popular among men and women for ages and are worn to parties, balls and other events. Each character has its own unique dressing style and this is the best place to get authentic looking Lone Ranger costumes. You are sure to find the right outfit for you complete with shirt, hat, scarf, belt with holster, eye mask, etc.

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